Visit to Island Bay School

During Term 3, Andy and I visited Island Bay School and had the chance to talk with some of the leaders there about their shift to a more modern learning environment with an afternoon in the Kaleidoscope Hub.

We saw some amazing initiatives which were in place in the year 5-6 class which relied a lot on students being able to manage themselves and take ownership of their learning themselves.

Andy and I have been in discussions since we came back about how we can implement some of these great initiatives into our own classes to really take the learning in our classes to the next level. We have begun collaboratively planning, together and along with our classes, to bring some new methods to our teaching in Term 4. Our practice will be more collaborative and will include almost a joint/shared teaching role between our two rooms.

We are going to try something new and see if it works well for our children or not (we’re really hoping it does work out). We’re aiming to increase the responsibility students have over their learning and really encourage them to be more autonomous and independent as they move throughout the senior school. We are also aiming to use more technology in our rooms to help students to become more digitally literate and to help prepare them for the ‘real world’ which is full of devices and collaboration.