Ways I incorporate Maori in my Classroom

Everyday, I use Maori principals that underpin my classroom practice.

  • I have set up a classroom routine that every morning and at the end of the day, we say a karakia.
  • In the classroom, I have an expectation that students do not sit on tables. This is because it is a Maori belief that bottoms are not to be on tables where we eat food. I enforced this with the whole class and have made sure that students understand the reasoning behind this expectation.
  • I also do not allow students to wear potai’s inside as it is a Maori custom not to wear hats indoors.
  • I use Te Reo commands and language in my class: whakarongo mai (to get attention of  the students), et tu, e noho, haere ra, greetings (kia ora, morena). These are built into my daily practice and students respond to these as they would any other language.

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