My Teaching Inquiry

At the end of Term 1, 2016, I begun to narrow down my teaching inquiry from our PD along with the Hongoeka Syndicate.

Our syndicate focus is based on the question: What are the effects on performance and motivation when we use a digital online forum for writing? We are particularly interested in this as students seem to be struggling with writing – generating content and creating quality texts from a range of genres. Also, the motivation and engagement of students with their writing seems to be low and this is a concern for them as they begin to move into their senior education.

With Adi (my appraisal partner) and the Hongoeka syndicate, I created a Google Slide Presentation that shows the progress of my journey with my inquiry. You can view that here.

So far, my next step is to conduct the survey with my whole class to understand their current attitudes towards learning. This survey will include a handwriting sample (which I’ll use to compare with in Term 4) and asks students to describe how they feel about writing. The survey I used is this one.






Example of Maths planning

Here is an example of a maths weekly plan I used for Term 2, Week 3 of 2016. It shows the Achievement objectives I am working on, the groups, times, warm up activities, learning intentions, lesson sequence and reflections.

This shows that I have sufficient content knowledge of what I was teaching (ordering decimals and estimating the total value) and that  I was prepared for teaching and learning.

I reflected on each session and this informed my teaching for the next lesson in terms of what I taught, how I taught it and where each students’ thinking was at.





Professional Development

I have participated in the following professional development throughout 2016:

  • Sue Larkey Autism Course in April, 2016 to help teach a students in my class with autism.
  • Amanda O’Connel: Learning with Digital Technologies in March, 2106 with a focus on how what digital tools we are currently using.
  • Mark Osbourne PD in January 2016 – looking at the evolution of teaching and what modern teaching looks like in today’s classroom.
  • Mark Sweeny:  Using action research as a professional learning tool seminar in March, 2016 with a focus on inquiry for teaching. 
  • Kapa Haka informal PD during Kapa Haka time on Tuesdays every week during Term 1. Learnt about Maori pronunciation, different waiata and karakia which then empowered me to take non-kapa haka Maori lessons.
  • First Aid Course with Medic First Aid in the Term 3 school holidays.
  • Observations of Rosemary and Helen teaching Reading Recovery to help me to meet the needs of some students in my class.
  • Visit to Island Bay School to look at how they use Digital Technologies in their everyday teaching and learning.